A really good baby stroller will last for more than a few months. So, how can you make sure you buy a quality stroller for the right age?

What do you need?

At the moment, your main task is to ensure the stability, support and comfort of the child.

Look for a sturdy, reliable carriage with a good suspension system that can absorb unwanted movements and prevent rigidity.

Another feature is a comfortable seat that is completely thrown away so your newborn baby can lie on the back.

With a stroller that seats a child car seat, you do not need to wake up your baby every time you take it to the car.

Some moms choose a low-cost carriage carcass at this age, on which the car seat is fixed, and then buy a full-size carriage as soon as the child is able to sit on their own.

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6-12 months

What do you need?

Now that your baby is sitting upright, your car seat is more important than ever. It should be spacious, with a large number of supports and shock absorbers,

adjustable and offer several tilt positions, so that the child is comfortable when it grows.

A walk is a great chance to chat with a child, especially when she sees your face. One of the often-not-noticed features is useful: a seat that can rotate forward or backward. When you are thinking about buying a baby carriage, make sure you have good head and neck control.

18-24 months

What do you need?

Your baby is becoming more independent and interested in the world around. With a child that constantly jumps out of the stroller, you are more likely to wear a stroller,

so look for a lightweight model that’s fast and easy to build. At this age, there still needs to be a strap to protect your rest. Look for wheels that are easy to move.

Features of a pram for every age

Whether your baby is 2 days or 2 years old, there are several carriage functions that you should always pay attention to.

Sun protection: You can use a cape to protect your newborn from the sun. But when a child grows up and becomes more active, you will appreciate a large carriage that protects against UV.
Storage space: this is a matter of preferences and lifestyle. Are you a mom who loves to take everything with you when you leave home, or do you travel without everything? Do you shop in grocery stores by foot or by car? Adjustable pen: Can both parents comfortably carry a baby? Think about who will carry the stroller, and then make sure the handle can be moved to match the height of a particular individual.

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